We have a special recognition for production & our production range in woven includes of the following varieties :

  • Yarn Dyed Checks, Stripes, Textured Fabric in mill-made Poplins and Madras Auto Looms
  • Dyed and Printed Sheeting / Poplin
  • Dyed Twills / Canvas Chambrays
  • Linen-look Checks
  • Cotton Melangé Checks / Dyed
  • Denim (4.5 Oz to 14.75 Oz)
  • Grey, Dyed and Printed Cotton / Viscose / Flannel / P/C, Polyester Fabric of any construction and quality (from 6s to 80s)
  • Canvas Fabrics
  • All types of Blended Fabric like Cotton/Viscose, Cotton/Polyester, Polyester/Wool, Polyester / Viscose, Cotton / Linen, Silk / Linen, Viscose / Linen, Cotton / Silk etc. in Solid Dyed, Yarn Dyed, and Printed
We have shown a few of our designs from our latest collection to display the wide variety we deal in.